One of the things I love about Junk Journals are they are so cheap and easy to make. Supplies can be found around the house, at local op shops or you can purchase items online. Here are some ideas for cheap and easy supplies you can use. I bet if you go on a scavenger hunt around the house, you will find plenty of things to use.

old hardcover Books

These make fantastic covers and if you don’t have any lying around at home, visit your local op shop, I have picked up a lot of old books that have beautiful covers. You will have to remove the insides, which needs to be done carefully so you don’t cut through the spine. Don’t throw away the pages inside as they can be used as well. Especially great are books that have great covers but the insides are falling apart. Books that have illustrations will give you ideal pictures for tags and journalling cards.


There is an abundance of paper that can be used and you will probably find a lot you can use lying around the house.

Good old photocopy paper can be used for dyeing with tea and coffee, printing downloaded ephemera and in a journal. Old book pages are a minefield of fantastic ideas, cut out the illustrations, while the written pages can be sewn into the journal or turned into tuck spots.

Scrapbook paper doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. Many op shops and discount stores have a wide variety of beautiful papers at bargain prices. They make pretty additions to any journal.

Do you have any file folders lying around. Many of us have a filing cabinet filled with folders that can be cut up and used for tags, covers, pockets and journaling cards.

Other ideas include magazines, postcards, envelopes, greeting cards, old photos, paper bags, piano rolls, paper doilies, blank lined paper from the kid’s old schoolbooks, wrapping paper, music sheets. Any type of paper can be used in a junk journal.

Ribbons and Laces

These are great to add some pretty to your journal. I often pick up bags of laces, ribbons and trims from op shops for only a couple of dollars. Old lace curtains can be cut up and used on covers or inside journals.

Bits and Pieces

Don’t throw out old jewellery or buttons as these make great ephemera in your journal. Even safety pins and paper clips have their use. Some other things to collect include:

Decorated paper napkins, old playing cards, old board game cards and tokens, stickers, paper flowers, sewing patterns, clothing tags, postage stamps, and so much more.

Set yourself a timer of 10 minutes and see how much you can collect in that time. You will be surprised! Before you know it, like me, you will be driving your family insane with the words “I can use that in my journals.”

I have a free Printable Treasure Hunt list, download and start hunting for supplies for your next, or first, Junk Journal. Have Fun!

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